Your Parish Priest

Your Parish Priest --
"St. John Vianney's arrival in Ars in 1815 aroused little enthusiasm in the tiny French parish. The news that he had barely passed through seminary had gone before him.
"Oh, how dull his sermons will be," people said. "And how will this fellow be able to administer the finances of even such a poor flock?"
Who could have guessed that this humble, seemingly inept, parish priest would become the patron saint of all parish priests? (Feast Day: 4 August)
Your parish priest is the spiritual guide chosen for you at this time by the wisdom of God.
Do they receive all that they have a right to expect from you? Your cooperation in parish activities? Respect? Frequent remembrance in your prayers?
Even though it may appear that a priest has neither tact nor talent, your parish priests can still lay claim to your respect for the sole reason that they have persevered in a vocation which is almost as demanding as it is dignified." -Fr. Francis R. Moeslein

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