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ScottySandbagsWe worked on projects at the hall on the six Saturdays from mid June thru July and accomplished a lot but still have more to tackle. Take a look at the following and let the President know if you'd like to take one on.

  Many thanks to Brothers Jeff Tucker, Jeff Herber, Larry Powers, Mike Hemesath, Mac McElyea and Dan Pierce and my Wife Dale who have pitched in to help me and our Facility Manager David Nine accomplish projects. There are always projects that need to be done and we will continue to ask for members to participate in work at the hall. Please let me know if you are interested in helping with any of the projects on the following list:


Projects yet to be completed:
Shampoo carpeted areas
Strip old wax and dirt from every floor and re-apply wax to all floors but the kitchen
Troubleshoot & repair Kitchen/Bar swamp cooler
Hang Designated Smoking signs in appropriate areas
Pour concrete around sewer clean-outs
Pour concrete where it was removed during sewer project
Empty, realign and re-run electrical to metal sheds
Connect and vent clothes dryer
Peplace missing chair parts (on-going)
Repair Bar accordion closure
Repair ceiling in dry storage room
Repair hinges on valve box by alley
Replace broken floor tiles (on-going)
Replace broken traffic barriers in parking lot
Inventory and identify equipment model etc., take photos of identification plate, property in hall
Develop a skills inventory/contact list

Projects completed so far:
Assemble cement mixer
Replace trailer bed boards
Haul rocks from area at southwest corner of building in preparation for pouring concrete
Fill sandbags and place them to redirect rainwater until concrete can be poured
Attach face material in lower men's restroom so door under sink closes
Inventory kitchen items and store excess in dry storage
Install ADA toilet in downstairs men's restroom
Inventory and store linens in storage boxes and label each boxes content
Move dryer from office closet to dry storage area
Get rid of junk and old food trailer in east yarsd
Remove parts from damaged tables and use good tops to make useable tables
Move items from kitchen that we don't supply and store them
Remove curtain and track from where soda fountain used to be
Replace bathroom exhaust fans in upstairs bathrooms
Revamp bingo cage
Test new bingo software/equipment
Procure dryer vent materials
Procure cement mixer
Paint Remodeled bingo cage