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A less than exhaustive list of Council/Association activities follows. How many of the statements in the list apply to you? How many do you feel should be true of an ACTIVE member? Is your batting average so-so (250 to 300) or are you a slugger with an average of 350 or more? I am a paid up member of Council 4584 of the Knights of Columbus.

I am a 4th Degree Sir Knight.
I am a State or Council officer or I serve on the Columbian Association Board of Directors.
I volunteer for Bingo or play Bingo at the hall at least a few times each year.
I attend Council Meetings fairly often.
I volunteer to help serve at charity fundraising events held at the hall (fish fry, ACA, GNA, CareNet etc.)
I help complete work projects at the hall.
I help with the First Sunday of the month Coffee and Donuts.
I am an usher, greeter, Eucharistic minister, lecturer, or provide other liturgical support.
I help out at Oktoberfest
I participate in the annual PWID (People with Intellectual Disability) fundraiser.
I help with the annual Hoop shoot.
I help clean up Fry Cemetery or participate in the All Souls Day Blessing of the graves.
I participate in the Parish Ministry Fair.
I attend or help out with the annual Parish Picnic.
I participate in the annual Parish Campus Clean-up.
I help staff the Pro-Life table after Mass or staff the Pro-Life Booth at the County Fair.
I participate in at least one of the three Adopt-a-Highway cleanups each year.
I participate in the annual Ecumenical Easter Sunrise service.
I help with the annual children's Christmas party or the fundraiser dinner.
I serve is an official capacity in a youth program.
I serve as a Chairman of one of the Council's activities
I regularly check the Council's Web page and look for opportunities to volunteer.
I participate as a Knight of Columbus in the annual Corpus Christi procession.
I participate in ____________________________________________ as a Knight.