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Work Days on Saturdays


We, the Columbian Association of which you are members, will be holding work-days at the hall starting at 8 AM on every Saturday through July. We will be grilling hot dogs or hamburgers and providing drinks at noon for our volunteers on those days. We have a number of projects left to do: 1) realign,

organize and re-connect power to the metal canopies; 2) install an ADA accessible toilet; 3) replace drop ceiling in the dry storage area; 4) strip and wax tile floors; 5) shampoo carpeted areas of the hall; pour concrete collars around new sewer leanouts; rebuild bingo caller's stand; repair or replace bathroom exhaust fans; repair chairs and tables; and, connect clothes dryer. Please let me know if you would like to take the lead or help with one or more of these projects.


James F. "Scotty" Scott, President
Columbian Association of Sierra Vista, Inc.
Personal Cell Phone: (520) 366-7193
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