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B) Columbian Assoc. President's Report 1/10/18

webscotty 63x71I have some information of interest to all members but first I want say "thank you" those who volunteer their time to run Bingo sessions. Bingo revenue keeps the lights on at the hall (plus a lot of other things) and because of you bingo workers our members, our neighborhood and our community were able to use our hall for just over 100 hours during December. The hall was used for 7 Bingo sessions, 6 Boy Scout events, 5 K of C meetings, 4 private Christmas parties, 1 children's Christmas Party, 1 Fraternal Order of Police meeting,   1 Quinceanera, 1 Veteran's Memorial Group meeting and

a partridge in a pear tree. (Just wondering if anyone reads this).


Vivat Jesus,


Links Of Interest


I highly recommend that you listen to this dialouge with William Lane Craig and Bishop Robert Barron. Vivat Jesus, Scotty